TikTok trends: What’s hot and what’s not?

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If you’re navigating the vast sea of TikTok trends, it’s like trying to catch lightning in a bottle—constantly shifting and electrifying. From viral dance challenges setting screens ablaze to emerging genres reshaping the platform’s landscape, there’s a current that sweeps some trends to the top while others quietly slip away.

As you explore what’s hot and what’s not on TikTok, prepare to uncover the pulse of the platform and perhaps even discover the next big wave that’s about to crest.

Top viral dance challenges

If you’ve been scrolling through TikTok recently, you’ve probably come across some of the top viral dance challenges that are taking the platform by storm. From the catchy ‘Renegade’ to the energetic ‘Savage,’ these challenges have captivated millions of users worldwide. The beauty of these dance challenges lies in their ability to bring people together through shared movements and rhythms.

When you watch these dance challenges, you can’t help but feel the urge to learn the choreography and join the fun. The thrill of mastering a new dance routine and sharing it with your followers adds an exciting element to your TikTok experience. Many users find themselves spending hours perfecting their moves just to post that flawless dance video.

Not only are these viral dance challenges entertaining, but they also serve as a creative outlet for self-expression. You can put your unique spin on the choreography, showcasing your personality and style to the TikTok community. So, if you’re looking to join the latest TikTok craze, dive into the world of viral dance challenges and let your creativity shine.

Popular hashtag campaigns

Explore how TikTok’s viral dance challenges have paved the way for popular hashtag campaigns that are dominating the platform. Hashtag campaigns on TikTok have become a powerful tool for users to participate in trending challenges, raise awareness for causes, or even promote brands. These campaigns often encourage users to create and share content related to a specific hashtag, creating a sense of community and engagement among users.

One popular hashtag campaign that has gained traction on TikTok is #ThrowbackThursday. Users participate by sharing nostalgic photos or videos from the past, invoking a sense of nostalgia and reminiscence among viewers. This campaign has been widely embraced by users of all ages, making it a versatile and inclusive trend on the platform.

Another trending hashtag campaign on TikTok is #OOTD, which stands for ‘Outfit of the Day.’ Users showcase their stylish outfits and share fashion tips and inspiration with the community. This campaign hasn’t only influenced fashion trends but has also encouraged creativity and self-expression among users.

Emerging TikTok genres

Delve into the evolving landscape of TikTok by exploring the emergence of new and exciting genres that are captivating users across the platform. As TikTok continues to grow, so do the variety of content genres that users are engaging with. One of the emerging genres gaining popularity is educational content. Users are turning to TikTok not just for entertainment, but also for learning new skills, gaining knowledge, and exploring different subjects in short, engaging videos.

Additionally, a rising genre on TikTok is comedy skits and sketches. Users are showcasing their creativity through funny scenarios, quick-witted dialogues, and slapstick humor. These comedic videos are resonating with audiences and spreading laughter across the platform.

Moreover, dance challenges and choreography remain a staple on TikTok, but new sub-genres within this category are emerging. Users are incorporating elements of different dance styles, like ballet, hip-hop, and salsa, creating fusion dances that are both visually captivating and technically impressive.

As TikTok evolves, keep an eye out for these emerging genres that are shaping the platform’s content landscape and providing users with fresh, engaging experiences.

Trending TikTok features

Discover the latest TikTok features that are currently trending among users. TikTok is constantly evolving with new features that capture users’ attention and creativity. Here are five trending TikTok features you should check out:

  • Stitch: This feature allows users to clip and incorporate scenes from other videos into their own, creating engaging and collaborative content.
  • Green Screen: With the green screen effect, users can change their background to any image or video, opening up endless possibilities for creative storytelling.
  • Voice Effects: TikTok offers a variety of voice effects that users can apply to their videos, adding a fun and unique touch to their content.
  • Duet: Duet enables users to create split-screen videos alongside another user, fostering interaction and collaboration within the TikTok community.
  • Text-to-Speech: This feature allows users to convert text into speech in their videos, offering a new way to convey messages and engage with viewers through audio.

Stay up to date with these trending TikTok features to enhance your content and stay ahead of the curve!

Fading TikTok fads

As TikTok continues to evolve with new features gaining popularity among users, it’s essential to take note of the fading TikTok fads that are losing traction in the ever-changing landscape of the platform. One of the trends that is gradually losing its appeal is the “Renegade” dance. Once a viral sensation, this choreography set to the tune of a popular song has started to fade into the background as users seek newer and more innovative dance challenges.

Another fading fad is the “Guess the Gibberish” challenge, where participants try to decode nonsensical phrases. While initially captivating, this trend has become repetitive and less engaging for audiences. Additionally, the “Zoom Call” pranks, where creators pretend to be on a video call in humorous situations, are also losing steam as they have become predictable and overused.

Fading TikTok Fads Reason for Fading
Renegade dance Overused, seeking freshness
Guess the Gibberish challenge Repetitive, less engaging
Zoom Call pranks Predictable, overused


So, there you have it – TikTok trends come and go faster than you can say ‘viral’. From dance challenges to hashtag campaigns, the app’s ever-changing landscape keeps us on our toes. Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, a new trend emerges to shake things up. Remember, what’s hot today may be yesterday’s news tomorrow.

Stay tuned, because on TikTok, the only constant is change.

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